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Why Choose Us

Why Choose the Centre for Implant Dentistry?

The Centre for Implant Dentistry is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service at all times.

Not only are our cosmetic dentists trained to an exceptional level, we also use the very best dental equipment, technology, and materials to ensure you receive the dental implant treatments you require.

Many patients who come to us are nervous or have dental anxiety. We reassure you by explaining the process and discussing your worries or fears, and strive to create the most comfortable experience possible during our initial free no obligation consultation.

Our Professional Standards

We focus only on implant dentistry as this enables us to provide the best possible treatment. Our dentists are experienced and have obtained the highly regarded Implant Dentistry Diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons.

Our Awards

We were shortlisted for awards in 2014 and 2015 at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, the UK’s most prestigious aesthetic dentistry prizes. We’ve also been accredited by the Faculty of General Dental Practice who demand the best from dental clinics nationwide.

Highest Quality Implants

Our implants undergo strict quality control tests allowing us to provide a five-year customer service guarantee on all our dental implant treatments. The materials we use in our implant dentistry treatments have received over 30 years of clinical research, trials, and success, proving to be extremely reliable, and easily replaceable if damage does occur.

Specialist Implant Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art implant laboratory contains the most up-to-date technology available in the field of cosmetic implant dentistry. We are able to treat almost every patient that comes through our doors, no matter the problem. Often our patients have been told they cannot have implants from other dentists, however, thanks to our training, experience, and qualifications, we can usually offer services that other dental clinics can’t.

Advanced 3D Imaging

Groundbreaking 3D digital imaging is a vital step in performing the safest and most effective implant treatments. It allows us to create an image of your jaw and teeth, assess which treatments you need, and plan how best to perform them.

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Don’t just take our word for it – Here’s what some of our patients feel about us.

Dear Mr. Ali,

Over the last few weeks I have become increasingly comfortable with the prosthetic implant which you design and fitted for me. Starting with the efficient removal of the fractured tooth to the fitting of the implant, the level of professionalism and calm efficiency of you and your staff was exceptionally impressive. however, equally importantly, or a person-to-person interactive experience I felt that by the end my initial expectations had been fulfilled exceptionally well. I would certainly seek your assistance if I should require a similar operation in the future. And I would have no hesitation recommending you and your practice to anyone who asks my opinion or advice.

Sincerely thanks and Best Regards,

Bob Cameron

Dear Tariq,

Thank you for your letter of 19th March & for your team’s efforts over the last few months.

The implant settled in pretty quickly & I’ very happy with it. I’m conscious that it is more solidly fixed than it’s neighbours, which have some give. It looks pretty straight & the gums have settle down. Good work!

I appreciated the relaxed & friendly atmosphere around hte practice & the good communications throughout. I’ve had less discomfort & bruising from you than from the other butchers who tried before with the former tooth at that location. You did manage to lose me after the initial consultation & called me back to have the implant fitted when it had not yet arrived. No harm done but room for improvement!

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people & will make a point of briefing my own regular dentist when i see him so that he may confidently refer others in your direction.

If I do need something similar doing in future, or if something untoward happens with my existing dental implant, I would, of course use your services again.

Dave Stubbs.

To whom it may concern,

After several informative consultations with Dr. Ali, I made the decision to have some dental implants. Every step of my treatment plan was detailed both verbally, and in writing and in a content that I understood. My procedure was carried out without any problems and as advised. I am delighted with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Ali both for his dentistry skills and friendly but professional attitude.

Alan Dickson

Dear Dr. Ali,

The fact that I am having a further course of treatment from you illustrates how happy I am with the first implant theraphy.

My husband, Robert, commented that “I had my smile back”. However, I had absolutely no idea of the tremendous affect it would have on eating and the comfortable feeling in my mouth.

I was most heartened by you expressing that you wished to try and ensure that my teeth lasted me for the rest of my life. and I feel that this is a unique quality about you and your practice. My husband and I also both appreciate the kindness and consideration shown to me by all the staff.

As my “new teeth” have been much admired, I have been recommending you, Dr. Ali and your staff to everyone who enquiries about the treatment.

I’m really looking forward to starting my new course of implant theraphy.

King regards and sincere thanks,

Joan Giles

Dear Tariq

I am writing to thank you for the care and attention I received while secretly undergoing implant theraphy at your clinic.

This was my fourth implant in your care and, as always, the care and attention I received was second to none. All of my implant surgery and subsequent attention was of the highest quality and the service, from your staff reception, to the dental nurses and yourself was friendly, reassuring and professional. I am hoping that I do not need any further treatment however I would not hesitate to recommend others to your care, in fact my wife recently did to a friend, and my own dentist in Fife recently commented on your excellent dental work.

The only downside was the distance from Fife to Bishopbriggs, however the outcome was well worth the effort.

Kind Regards

David Colston

Dear Dr. Tariq Ali, I am very happy to write about my Implant Theraphy at your Centre for Implant Dentistry.

from my first appointment you and your staff made me feel very welcome. Being address by my name help me to relax especially when I was feeling very nervous. Your explanations on what treatments you were going to carry out were also very helpful.

My two implants and crown are a great success correcting the problems I had with my speech and ability to eat.

I would certainly recommend your services to others. I would definitely use your services again if the opportunity arose. I wish I had known about your Centre and the courage to use your service years ago.

Thanks again

Marie Connelly

Even other dentists who are top of their fields refer their patients to us.

Here’s what other dentists say about us

Mrs Julie Young BDS (Glas) Dentist

I have used Tariq’s “Centre For Implant Dentistry” as our main specialist referral practice for most of our implant referrals for approximately the last 6 years. His practice is situated in Bishopbriggs, convenient for the north side of Glasgow. His team are professional, friendly and welcoming to the patients. He provides an initial free consultation to give patients an idea of the viability of implants in their own individual case, an idea of the process of the implant, and costings involved. Tariq’s personality makes the “surgical” side of the implant much easier to handle for the patient. He is able to make the patient feel at ease and comfortable in a “surgical” environment with the complex procedures he provides. Tariq is also involved in the training and mentoring of dentists both learning to place the implants and/or restoring the implants. He is always available to discuss individual cases and provides support and encouragement at all times. His enthusiasm for his speciality never fails to inspire his colleagues to try something new.

Tariq Bhatti BDS (Glas) Dentist

I have referred to the Centre for Implant Dentistry for a number of years. I know that Tariq and his team will always look after my patients. He will let me know what is happening with the patient and ask me to do any other treatment that is needed. Patients always comment on his professionalism and they always know what is involved. I have since started restoring my own implant cases after attending the Step by Step restorative training. It’s something that takes me away from day to day dentistry and has opened my eyes to what is out there for me and my patients. I now talk to patients about implants options and patients really appreciate it. I can highly recommend Tariq and his team at The Centre for Implant Dentistry – you should send your implant patients and go to his courses- they are good fun.

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