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Professional Teeth Whitening Full TAILORED Package

Create your bright, white smile with our bespoke and tailored teeth whitening service. We give you a FREE assessment, followed by a treatment plan and follow up appointments. You will be given the full package to ensure you are happier than ever about your smile!


NOW £199

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We make sure you are eligible to receive the treatment and match the current shades of your teeth so we can compare later.


We then take impressions of your mouth and teeth to create tailored whitening trays. You can use these trays after the inital two week treatment for further whitening.


Once we have created your own personal trays, we will invite you in to go over best practices for teeth whitening with a dentist. We will also answer any questions you may have.


You will also receive a follow up appointment to ensure you are happy with the whitening of your teeth and to compare your new bright smile to the shades from the intial assessment. 

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