Why not spread the cost of your treatment over 12 months interest free. Typical cost £166 per month for 12 months with no deposit. This will permanently replace a tooth with an implant. Great value treatment to allow you the smile that you deserve.

Dental Implant Treatments in Glasgow

At the Center for Dental Implants in Glasgow, our specialist dentists provide a range of dental implant solutions to help you get your smile back.

We carry out a variety of dental implant treatments, using state of the art equipment and techniques. All our dental implants are provided by our qualified and experienced  dentists helping you get the smile you want. If you’ve been told you cannot receive a dental implant because of your individual circumstances, we can help. Since we specialize only in dental implants, we have the qualifications and experience  to provide you with the treatments that other dentists can’t.

Single Tooth Replacement

Our single tooth replacement treatment is quick, painless, and can replace a single missing tooth in as little as one or two hours. The replacement implant can last a lifetime if properly cared for and is an effective solution to missing or severely damaged teeth

Multiple Tooth Replacement

When you need to replace multiple adjacent teeth, our multiple tooth replacement treatment is the perfect choice. By creating one larger dental implant instead of multiple smaller ones, we can dramatically cut the cost of the treatment required, whilst still giving you a reliable set of new teeth.

Full Arch & Mouth Implants

If your teeth have been damaged to the extent that you will need to replace a full arch (set of teeth), we can provide the All-On-Four  dental treatment. This treatment consists of four implants that can secure a set of dentures in place. The All-On-Four treatment is generally a better choice than regular fitting dentures, as the teeth are secured better, leading to fewer gum issues.