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Patient Pathway

When you decide to have treatment we like you to know what happens at each stage of your journey with us.

When you first make contact with us, we will ask you some questions to allow us to find out a bit about you so that when you do visit we are able to help you. We will send out a welcome pack with details of your appointment and map with directions.

Following that most of our patients follow this typical journey with us.


We call this the diagnostic phase of treatment. It’s the fact finding so that we can fully assess your suitability for implant therapy and find the best way to treat you. If done correctly we find that implant treatment is predictable and successful.

Firstly a Free initial consultation will allow you to visit us and to meet the team. Furthermore, we can discuss the options available to you and give you and idea of what would be involved in your case.

If you are happy then we carry out a full diagnostic assessment. All the investigations needed to provide you with the information to make the correct decision about treatment. This involves a full dental health check, X rays and Intra oral digital scanning. We will provide you with a comprehensive implant plan including timings and costs of your therapy. That way you know what will be involved in providing you with a healthy new smile.

If you have been referred by your own dentist then we will always keep them informed about your treatment.

Implant Placement

Many people worry about this part of treatment. Implants are placed in your mouth in a very controlled manner. We will have gathered lots of information to allow us to treat you safely and as carefully as possible.

It’s a precise procedure and often less traumatic than tooth removal. You will be pain free during the procedure with the use of local anaesthetics. And for patients who are particularly anxious we offer IV Sedation – you will be completely relaxed with sedation and many patients prefer this.

You will likely have some stitches after the implant placement which dissolve on their own. You will of course be given detailed instructions and medication so that healing is uneventful.

Many of our patients are surprised by how simple it is. A single implant takes around 25 minutes to complete.

Making you new Implant teeth

A number of appointment will be arranged over 2-4 weeks. These are simple impression taking and fitting appointments. We often use Intra Oral Digital Scanning which means you don’t have to have sticky uncomfortable impressions of your mouth. With the use of digital techniques you new teeth can be made digitally with CAD CAM for an accurate fit. When we are carrying out Instant Implant Teeth your new teeth are attached on the same day as implant placement.


Implants will be successful in the long term if looked after properly. That’s why we insist that you visit the dentist regularly and have hygiene visits every 3- 6 months. Your hygiene regime must be excellent to ensure the long term health of your implants.
We will see you annually and take X rays to ensure your implants stay healthy.

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