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Single Tooth Replacement

The benefits over traditional dental techniques.

This single tooth implant treatment is a quick, painless and lifelong alternative to getting a bridge or a denture. Throughout the whole course of surgery you will never be left with a gap in your teeth, and the end result will look and function as close to a natural tooth as is possible.

As with a bridge, there is no need to damage the surrounding teeth. Furthermore, if well looked after, you are likely to keep a dental implant for the rest of your life. We use a titanium structure that is specifically designed to withstand all the stresses a normal root would experience.

It is of vital importance that you replace your missing tooth as soon as possible. Implant dentistry can help you prevent the negative effects that losing a tooth will have on your mouth. Firstly it puts further stress on your other teeth, and secondly the bone in your jaw can become weakened over time. Dental implants are the only way you can guarantee these issues won’t arise.

Don’t panic – it’s a simple straightforward procedure to replace your tooth with a dental implant

Replacing one tooth with an implant is one of the simplest things we do. It’s normally a quick procedure too, often shorter than a root canal treatment. Your recovery is tends to be straightforward and many patients tell us its easier than when they had their tooth removed. And with careful maintenance of your implant there is no reason it shouldn’t last a lifetime.

For you it’s a simple decision –
Have a removable denture which can move, trap food and needs to be taken out for cleaning
Have a bridge which involves cutting down your other teeth with a higher chance of problems

Or an implant – fixed in place with no need to harm natural teeth. Also don’t forget the implant maintains bone and gum structure which is often lost after tooth removal.

Benefits of choosing a Single Implant Tooth

  • Ideal long term solution that looks, feels and functions just like natural teeth
  • Option for instant implant and instant tooth
  • Protects adjacent teeth and underlying bone helping maintain lip and cheek support
  • Very high success rate (over 99%) when compared to alternative treatments

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