multiple tooth replacement

If you are missing multiple adjoining teeth, you can join two or more implants together. This option can make implant treatment more affordable for patients who have lost many teeth, as you don’t have to fit an individual implant for each tooth (unless you wish too).

The most important teeth in your mouth are your molars. We cannot emphasise enough how critical it is to replace these should you lose them. The molars do most of your chewing when you eat, especially the tougher pieces of food. They are the teeth you use for grinding and crunching and without them you will find it ever more increasingly difficult and unpleasant to eat the foods you love. To prevent long term damage to your front teeth (someone’s going to have to pick up the molars slack!), dental implants are the safest way to sustain your otherwise healthy mouth.

Missing a number of adjacent teeth?

They can be replaced with individual implants or by joining two or more implants together. This latter option is often more affordable when you are missing many teeth. 

Its important to replace missing teeth especially at the back of your mouth. These large molar teeth are designed to be the main chewing teeth in your mouth. They simply crunch and grind your food. 

When you loose molar teeth then this chewing load gets transferred to your front teeth. But they weren’t designed for that so you may end up with further problems with these teeth in the long term. So take our advice and think about replacing missing back teeth.


• More than one tooth missing or failing.

• Dislike wearing a removable plate/denture. 

• Failing bridge.

• Not enough teeth to support a bridge.

• Don’t want to damage teeth by having a bridge.


• Implant Teeth

• Ideal long term solution

• Feels like natural teeth

• Fixed in place – no need to take them out 

• No need to damage other teeth

• Very high success rate (98%)