How to Find an Emergency Dentist in Glasgow

Tooth been knocked out? Severe dental trauma or infection? To avoid any further damage, you need to find an emergency dentist.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night which often makes it difficult to seek treatment with your usual dentist. You might be experiencing acute pain and blood loss so waiting for the next available appointment in three days time just isn’t going to cut it.

Do I need an emergency dentist?

If you have knocked a tooth out, knocked a tooth which has resulted in bleeding and a loose tooth, have a severe abscess or infection or are experiencing uncontrollable bleeding after dental treatment then you need to seek emergency dental treatment. If you are unsure if you need treatment then phone a dental surgery and ask for advice.

What to do if you lose a tooth

If the tooth is clean then gently push it back into its socket holding only the top of the tooth, try not to touch the root. If the tooth is dirty then rinse it in milk or cold water before doing this and do not let the tooth dry out. Don’t try to scrub the tooth clean and don’t use any sort of disinfectant on it — milk or water are best. Bite down gently on a clean handkerchief or dressing to hold the tooth in place whilst you make your way to a dentist.

If you can’t get the tooth back into the socket then don’t force it. Put the tooth into a cup of milk or keep it in your mouth in between your cheek and gum so you don’t risk swallowing it. The crucial thing is to not let the tooth dry out whilst you make your way to a dentist.

Emergency dental treatment within sixty minutes of a tooth being knocked out can in some cases save the tooth and reduce the amount of future treatment needed.

Finding an emergency dentist in Glasgow

If you are registered with a dentist and your emergency is in surgery hours then contact your surgery to find out if your dentist is able to see you for an emergency appointment. Alternatively, they might be able to give you some emergency advice over the phone. Your surgery may have an emergency out of hours number on their answerphone so it’s always worth giving them a call.

If you are not registered with a dental surgery you may be eligible to attend the Emergency Dental Treatment Centre at Glasgow Dental School or you can contact NHS 24 to find your nearest service. Dental implants may be a solution to your broken, damaged or missing teeth so speaking to a specialist in dental implants is advisable when considering your treatment options.

Instant Same Day Teeth

Instant Same Day Teeth are instant dental implants that allow the tooth to be removed and replaced immediately with an implant tooth. Implant teeth are designed to look and feel like a normal tooth and this treatment can be carried out on single or multiple teeth. So if you are having a dental emergency then don’t panic — there will be a range of solutions for you to choose from.

Do I need emergency dental treatment if I lose a crown or filling?

Losing a crown or filling does not usually require emergency treatment although you will want to see your dentist as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing severe pain after losing a crown this may be because the nerve has been exposed in which case an emergency temporary repair might be needed until your dentist is able to fully fix the damage. If you are in severe pain then seek advice from a dentist.
If your tooth has been knocked out then time is of the essence and you need to get emergency dental treatment as quickly as you can. Severe pain, bleeding and infection also need emergency treatment, if you are unsure whether or not you need such treatment then contact your dentist for further advice.

If your tooth has been knocked out or damaged and you would like to find out more about dental implants then book a free dental consultation with one of our specialists.

How to Find an Emergency Dentist in Glasgow

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