Are you missing all of your teeth or perhaps you’ve been told that you have to have
your teeth removed for health reasons?

Then we can help you with implants.

It isn’t a surprise to us that don’t want to wear dentures.

Implants are used to support your new artificial teeth and keep them in place.

There are many ways to do this and we have tried and tested systems in place that allow us to provide the best solution for you. Everyone is different so we tailor the ideal solution for you. Our most popular treatment involves providing your replacement teeth on the same day. Compare that with wearing removable dentures for a period time.

The options for you involve

    1. New teeth fixed in place

    2. New teeth which are removable for cleaning


    • Missing all of your teeth

    • Failing Teeth

    • Limited bone at the back of your mouth

    • Moving denture causing pain

    • Unable to eat or chew your food

    • Don’t like taking out your teeth

    • Lack of confidence due to your missing teeth


Implants replacing all of your top /bottom teeth

     • Stable and rigid so they don’t move when eating or speaking

     • Maintain gum, bone and face profile

     • Confidence and happiness with your new fully functioning implant teeth