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Duty of Candour 2022/23

Duty of Candour 2022/23

Annual Audit -  At the Centre For Implant Dentistry we have had no incidents for the year April 1st 2022 to March 31st 2023

Thinking of going abroad for dental implant treatment?

There is no doubt that dental treatment in this country is first class. So why do many people go abroad for treatment? Are you thinking of combining a holiday with treatment or is it the cost that appeals to you? The visibility of Instagram smiles has certainly pushed...

Dental Laser Treatment 

Is the future here? Dentists use technology every day to treat their patients. Just think of the modern white filling that has replaced the metal amalgam filling. Increasingly dentists are turning to lasers to treat common dental issues in a minimally invasive way...

History of Dental Implants

Replacing teeth with an artificial analogue is not a new concept. In around 2500 BC the ancient Egyptians tried to prevent tooth loss with the use of wire made of gold. In about 500 BC the Etruscans tried to restore function with tooth replacements in the form of oxen bones.

Free Remote Consultations

Centre for Implant Dentistry is now providing Free Telephone & Online Consultations Social distancing is so important to recent events, but don’t worry - we’ll come to you. Centre for Implant Dentistry is happy to announce that we will be providing remote online...

Emergency Appointments Only

Due to the continuing situation with the Coronavirus, we’re having to take further measures to protect our patients, staff and also to contribute to the government guidance on social distancing as much as possible. As health care professionals, we feel we have a...

Limited Procedures

As of Wednesday 18th March 2020 all Scottish dental practices have been advised from the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland that they will be severely limited to the dental procedures we are allowed to provide in practice. We are not permitted to use any...

Digital Dentistry

The future of dentistry  Dentistry like many fields in medicine is fast evolving. On the main changes within the profession is a move to a digital workflow.  But what does this actually mean?  In simple term the use of technology to enhance the dentist's treatment of...

The Success of Dental Implants

 Missing teeth?  Missing teeth (edentulism) is an important issue due to the high numbers of those without teeth worldwide. The main treatment option available has been conventional dentures with many reported problems.  These include loose dentures which are...

The Options for Replacing Lost Teeth

What are my options?  The modern world of dentistry is an exciting place, and there are always new and ground-breaking solutions that can make a difference to how you look or feel. There’s absolutely no need to struggle on with an unsightly mouth full of gaps or feel...

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Why having a healthy mouth is essential for your health and happiness None of us want to suffer problems with our teeth, yet at some point in our lives, many of us will find ourselves battling tooth decay, gum disease or infection that will lead us to having one or...

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