Teeth Cleaning & Stain Removal

Get a brighter smile with our pain free, 30 minute AirFlow treatment. It will remove stains and discolouration leaving you with a fresh, clean and healthy mouth.

A beautiful smile can light up the room!


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If you enjoy red wine, coffee, tea or are a regular smoker, you may have stained teeth. Airflow will remove these stains!


Over time, your teeth can lose it’s natural white gleen. Airflow can drastically improve the colour of your teeth. 


AirFlow uses a machine to clean and polish teeth with a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. You will not feel any pain at all!


Within 30 minutes, your mouth will be transformed. You’ll have a brighter, more confident smile, free from stains.

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what is a dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are regarded as the best solution to replace missing teeth, they are recognised as the most durable and longest lasting solution over any other restorative dental treatment available today.

Bespoke Treatments

Whether you have a single tooth missing or are worried about tooth lose in the future, we have treatments that can help bring back your smile.

The treatment that you will receive depends on your needs and we'll arrange a free consultation to help us fully understand what you'd like, from single tooth replacements to full arch treatments.

Our team of dental professionals have a sole focus on implant dentistry and we offer a 5 star service - pre-treatment support, advanced imaging technology, trusted procedures and incredible aftercare.  


The Cost

The cost of dental implant treatment varies depending on your individual circumstances and requirements. During our free consultation, we work out specifically want you want and any concerns you have. We then provide you with a full treatment plan with financing options too.

On average, a single tooth replacement would cost around £3500. This is for the full service including investigations, hygiene visits, reviews, impressions, fits, and the new implant retained crown.

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