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There is no doubt that dental treatment in this country is first class. So why do many people go abroad for treatment? Are you thinking of combining a holiday with treatment or is it the cost that appeals to you? The visibility of Instagram smiles has certainly pushed many people to go abroad. However, no one ever shows you when it goes wrong.

But let’s consider some of the issues with going abroad for treatment.

How is the dentist regulated – do they follow any standards? In this country, all dentists follow a  specific set of standards and guidelines. That way you know your treatment is going to be to a  good standard.

What are the dentist’s qualifications? Are they able to treat and care for you?

What are the materials and equipment used to treat you? In implant dentistry, we only use certain implants and materials in the UK that have met and passed stringent tests with years of research.  One of the reasons that treatment abroad is cheaper is the products used. Let’s face it would you ask for your new hip to be the cheapest available or your heart stent to be the one that hasn’t passed tests to see if it works? So why is it different with dental implants?

Does the treating team speak English? I know this may seem silly but communication is very important especially with medical and dental treatment. Body language is different depending on the country. You want to be able to converse and communicate clearly and for everyone to understand you at all times. In this country, it’s easy to be understood and communicate with the people around you.

Dental implant work can take months to complete and it does involve a number of visits to the dental practice – how will this work with travel and the costs of travel?

Warning signs to look out for –

  • The hard sell
  • Lack of information that helps you make a decision
  • No aftercare offered
  • No idea of what to do if something goes wrong and you are back at home

Reason to be treated in this country:

  • Convenient so you can access the dental practice easily
  • Communication with the treating team is easy
  • Implants and materials and are of the highest quality
  • Regulated professional standards

This article isn’t designed to put you off going abroad, however, you should be fully aware of some of the common pitfalls. It’s not all about that Facebook or Instagram life it is about real life!