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Is the future here?

Dentists use technology every day to treat their patients. Just think of the modern white filling that has replaced the metal amalgam filling.

Increasingly dentists are turning to lasers to treat common dental issues in a minimally invasive way that’s more gentle for patients.

While it’s not commonplace to use a dental laser their use is increasing.

Laser energy and water can be used to replace the drill. It’s a really nice piece of equipment for nervous patients.

As you can imagine lasers are really precise. Laser cutting means that it has a number of applications in dentistry from treating gum disease to cutting a tooth and removing the decay.

In implant dentistry, we can use a dental laser to place an implant. That means less drilling and its much more comfortable for our patients. The technology means that those treated with a laser tend to recover quicker from dental procedures.

By using a dental laser we see

  • Consistency in the results achieved
  • Comfortable treatment in relation to more conventional treatment
  • Capabilities – this is a versatile piece of technology with many uses.
  • These are just some of the advantages of dental lasers and the opportunity is there for their use to increase.