The Success of Dental Implants

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 Missing teeth? 

Missing teeth (edentulism) is an important issue due to the high numbers of those without teeth worldwide. The main treatment option available has been conventional dentures with many reported problems. 

These include loose dentures which are difficult to keep in the mouth, unable to chew effectively, limited diet and ulcers due to the denture rubbing the gum. 

Dentures attached to implants (Overdentures) have improved this situation and have many advantages, such as stabilising the denture. Even though this is a fairly simple procedure, many people can’t face the thought of surgery and the cost involved.   To address these issue and hurdles to obtaining help, the Mini Implant was developed. 

These are less well known than conventional size implants.  Mini Implants are classed as narrow diameter – less than 3mm. They are used in selected cases especially for those people wearing dentures.  The Mini Implants are then attached to the lower denture allowing the person to function properly. These have been used successfully for those people who struggle with their lower denture and have a plate that is less than adequate in terms of chewing and retention in their mouth.

Well, the Mini Implant stabilises the dentures so that the person can eat effectively and the denture is kept in the mouth securely.  

The actual treatment involves less surgery so patients are more comfortable.   Often the dentures can be attached on the same day. 

Their  success is well documented, a 7-year study in the Journal of Oral Implantology   reports a 96% success rate which is comparable with conventional size implants. This was in those people who suffered from losing lower dentures, with the ‘mini’ able to retain the denture in place to allow those people to chew. 

*J Oral Implantol. 2017 Apr;43(2):125-129. Small-Diameter Implants: A 7-Year Retrospective Study.

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what is a dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are regarded as the best solution to replace missing teeth, they are recognised as the most durable and longest lasting solution over any other restorative dental treatment available today.

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The cost of dental implant treatment varies depending on your individual circumstances and requirements. During our free consultation, we work out specifically want you want and any concerns you have. We then provide you with a full treatment plan with financing options too.

On average, a single tooth replacement would cost around £3500. This is for the full service including investigations, hygiene visits, reviews, impressions, fits, and the new implant retained crown.

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